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Featured Magazine Articles for Spring 2011 Issue

Feature StoryA Lucky Day in October
By Ridr Knowlton

The rams were at the bottom of the canyon and a half mile away. I fine-tuned the scope and counted again: seven rams, and four were legal. It was early October in 2012, and I was hunting the Fraser Canyon in southern British Columbia with Bruce Ambler of Ambler’s Bighorn Country Guiding. In addition to sheep, Bruce guides mule deer, moose, bear and mountain lion hunts. His hunting lodge is a work of art, complete with hand-felled timbers. Bruce is an honest, talented and hardworking guide outfitter.

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Feature StoryAn Epic Adventure
By Capt. R. Claude (Frenchy) Corbeille

Our moose hunt of 2012 was an epic
adventure that could well be described as
the hunt of a lifetime. I say “our” because
I was accompanied by my friend Mark, son of a late boyhood schoolmate, who is
far more than a proxy son to me. He is a
man of like mind and spirit with whom I can spend minutes, hours, days or weeks, and always perceive our time together as beneficial in a myriad of ways. Our 30 years age difference matters not.

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Feature StoryTake Photos to Impress
By Brenda Nelson

Put a big smile on your face— you just had a great experience and took a trophy to be proud of.

Tip your hat up— everyone wants to see your pretty face or at least know who gets the credit. Using a flash will help when there are a lot of
high contrast shadows. Get low. Sitting or kneeling behind or beside your animal will put emphasis on your fine trophy.

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