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Featured Magazine Articles for Winter 2013 Issue

Feature StoryTask Force McMann: Operation Lynx
By John J McDaniel

It had all the markings of a special ops mission. Task Force McMann set forth amidst the extraordinary setting of the pristine alpine landscape of western British Columbia. The “Friendly Forces” conducting this operation consisted of six specially selected, well-trained and extremely motivated canine hounds augmented by two experienced outdoorsmen: one Canadian, the other American.

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Feature StoryTwo Spent Cartridges
By Scott Unger

It was as if the creator himself had been angry that day and had gouged into the belly of the mountain with a mighty hand, crushing its contents and scattering them like broken glass on the valley floor below. My guide, Brain Hubschmidt, and I peered into the aftermath—giant jumbled boulders amongst scraggly patches of dwarf black spruce, building-sized columns and spires of lichen and grass-capped igneous rock, all framed by jagged cliffs and chutes that dropped off into the glacial stream far below.

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Feature StoryRomancing the Moose
By Patrick Vaughn

It was cold and snowing hard, and I could see the bull moose standing on a small knoll about 300 yards away. With the falling snow and early morning light he was just a black silhouette. The guide outfitter, Allan Tew, gave a long low cow call. The moose lowered his head, shook his antlers and began trotting in our direction...

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