Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) has established operational procedures to safeguard their collection of personal information.


GOABC has the legal authority to collect this information under Part 3, Section 6 of the Act which states, “No personal information may be collected by or for a public body unless… that information relates directly to and is necessary for an operating program or activity of the public body.”


GOABC collects personal information for the purpose of fulfilling its mission statement of “preserving a strong and stable guide outfitting industry.”

  • Providing liability insurance.
  • Providing coverage to members with the GOABC indemnity bond.
  • Providing marketing assistance through Mountain Hunter™ magazine, Mountain Hunter™ Record Book & Achievement Awards, the Auction Profile/Directory, the online directory.
  • Liaising with government on the behalf of members.
  • Communicating with the media on issues related to hunting and wildlife management.
  • Issuing and monitoring a Hunting Guide Certification Program.

Authorized Contact Person

The authorized contact person for GOABC’s Privacy Policy is:

Scott Ellis, CEO
Guide Outfitters Association of BC
Suite 103, 19140 – 28th Avenue
Surrey, BC, V3Z 6M3

Storage & Retention

Hard-copy information is stored at GOABC’s office in Surrey, which is alarm protected. Computers are password protected. The digital information is stored on a server securely in the cloud.

Information is kept at the discretion of the CEO. Documents that are judged to be of a sensitive nature are destroyed in-house or destroyed by Iron Mountain (document destruction company).


All GOABC staff and Board of Directors have read this Privacy Policy. All staff are accountable to the Board of Directors and are required sign a confidentiality agreement when they are hired. Some of the personal information collected (as specified in the Policy) may be available to the Board of Directors. Similarly, upon entrance into the Board of Directors, individuals must sign a Code of Ethics and Standards, which commits them to protecting the greater good of the association.


Complaints may be submitted in writing to the authorized contact person. Within 30 days of receipt, the authorized contact person will investigate the issue and respond to the complainant in writing. Privacy Policy measures may be adjusted if necessary. Complaints will be addressed by the office prior to coming to the attention of the Board of Directors.

Information Collection, Use and Disposal

Membership:  GOABC collects personal information from its members and makes every effort to ensure it is accurate. This includes, but it not limited to, address, email, guide outfitter license number, guide outfitter certificate number, survey responses, insurance information, ethics and standards complaints, and wildlife quotas/allocations.
This information is released on a voluntary basis and is absolutely imperative to GOABC’s association decision-making, particularly in relation to government. Consent is assumed upon application for membership and/or signing of the Membership Agreement.

GOABC uses the utmost discretion in disclosing personal information on its members to:

  • Ministry of Forests and other government ministries
  • Inquiries from potential clients
  • Overlapping tenure holders
  • GOABC’s accounting firm
  • GOABC’s Board of Directors

Credit card information is never left in vulnerable places, emailed to third parties or stored in computer programs. GOABC’s forms are created with detachable credit card authorizations sections that can be disposed of after entry.

Members may request to have their information changed at any time. In certain circumstances, written submissions for the non-disclosure may be considered by the Board of Directors.

Wildlife Conservation Fund (WCF): The Wildlife Conservation Fund (WCF) was established by GOABC to preserve the right to hunt in BC. Members collect funds from each non-resident client, hold it in-trust for GOABC and remit it at year end. The contributor’s personal information (name, address, email and phone number) are also remitted to GOABC at year end. Contributors will receive a 1-year subscription to Mountain Hunter™ Magazine and information on GOABC’s Annual Convention.

The onus is on the member to have their client sign a release of their personal information. All of GOABC’s members in good standing have signed a Membership Agreement stating that, “If the guide outfitter has their clients sign a release acknowledging that their personal information will be provided to GOABC, their clients will receive the Mountain Hunter Magazine.” This releases GOABC from any liability associated with the collection of this information from members in good standing. Members are required to pay the HPF even if they decide not to submit the names of the contributors.

A non-resident hunting client may:

  • choose not to submit their personal information to GOABC
  • correct errors in their personal information
  • remove their name from the list at any time
  • see what personal information GOABC has for them
  • request information on GOABC’s Privacy Policy

GOABC holds this information in strict confidence. It is not released to any third parties and is used solely for the purpose of marketing for our members. The office makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information collected.

Hard copies remain in GOABC’s archives at the discretion of the Executive Director. Old HPF names may be used for GOABC marketing purposes or to provide statistics for association decision-making.

Life Memberships: Personal information will be collected from GOABC’s Life Members for the purpose of sending correspondence and a lifetime subscription to Mountain Hunter™ Magazine. GOABC strives to keep this information as accurate as possible. Life Members call make changes to their information at any time and may request a copy of this Privacy Policy. The Life Member database is held in strict confidence and is not released to any third parties.

Subscription Renewals:  GOABC also holds personal information for the purpose of Mountain Hunter™ Magazine subscription renewals. This information is limited to addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. GOABC makes every effort to ensure this information is accurate. Subscription renewals are submitted voluntarily and are not released to any third parties. Hard copies of subscription renewal forms are destroyed after entry into the database.

A magazine subscriber may:

  • correct errors in their personal information
  • remove their name from the list at any time
  • see what personal information GOABC has for them
  • request information on GOABC’s Privacy Policy

GOABC holds this information in strict confidence. Only GOABC’s staff have access to this information. It is not released to any third parties and is used solely for the purpose of marketing for our members.

Magazine Submissions

Stories: Non-resident hunting clients may choose to submit stories to Mountain Hunter™ Magazine, but will be required to sign GOABC’s Submissions Release Form effective January 2011. The form ensures consent from the contributor and enables GOABC to use the story and photos at its discretion. Contact information will not be released to any third parties. Stories will only be accepted from clients of members in good standing. Member consent to this marketing initiative implied with membership. Stories from members who have opted to not sign sections 4 and 5 of the Membership Agreement will be accepted.

Photos: Since Guides Gallery submissions are made by GOABC members, the responsibility of procuring a photo release is on the member. Guides Gallery submission will not be accepted from members who have opted not to sign sections 4 and 5 of the Membership Agreement unless proof of written client permission is provided.

Advertising: GOABC is not responsible for the photo content of the ads in Mountain Hunter™. Members are responsible for procuring the permission of their clients in this regard.

Assistant Hunting Guide Certification Program

The GOABC must adhere to information and privacy laws relevant to collecting personal information through administering the exam.

Only members or GOABC staff who are directly involved in the administration of the exam may have access to the personal information collected through administering the exam.

By taking the assistant hunting guide exam you are authorizing the GOABC to disclose personal information to Fish and Wildlife Branch for the purpose of registration as a qualified assistant guide.

Other than for the purposes of reporting to government, the GOABC must use or share for any internal or external use personal information collected from an individual who takes the competency exam, including, without limitation recruitment or promotion of GOABC membership.

The GOABC will issue an authorization number and certification card for assistant hunting guides to those who successfully pass the exam. Prospective guides must obtain a minimum score of 75% on the online competency exam and to receive a Hunting Guide Certification. In certain circumstances, this test can also be administered over the phone.

In this process, the GOABC collects the prospective guide’s name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, and credit card number. The GOABC does not store credit card numbers. The name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth will be kept on file for the following purposes:

  • Issuing Hunting Guide Certification cards
  • Reporting list of assistant hunting guides to government

The only third parties the personal information will be released to are: the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

A Hunting Guide may:

  • Correct errors in their personal information
  • See what personal information GOABC has for them
  • Request information on GOABC’s Privacy Policy