Submit photos from your hunt with a GOABC member


GOABC is always looking for good, high resolution photos that portray the excitement and exhilaration of hunting in British Columbia. If you are a member of GOABC or have hunted with a GOABC member you can submit photos of a successful hunt to be published in Mountain Hunter™ magazine and the Highlight of the Hunt section of this website.

Upload Your Photo

Photo Submission Requirements Photographs submitted for Mountain Hunter™ magazine should be:

  • Good quality, clear, and bright
  • 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI) or settings to the highest resolution of your device
  • Tasteful and respectful to the animal
  • 1 MB or larger
  • Clear in their representation of both animal and hunter
  • Please be sure to include the names of each person in the photo

Please note that only guides, outfitters, or hunters who have hunted with a GOABC member may submit photos for inclusion in the Highlight of the Hunt.