Worth A Challenge

Tracks in the mountain pass’ crusty snow while on an Alberta bighorn hunt appeared different from the sheep tracks my guide and I had been seeing. Then, later that day, high up on a ridge, silhouetted in a ray of sunshine, was the most majestic creature I had ever seen. The mature billy surveyed the […]

Six-Oh Ram!

A CHANGE OF PLANSI missed my good friend, but I still wanted to get out on a sheep hunt. I talked to a few friends and was invited to join a group hunt, which morphed into Logan Paul and I going on an early-season hunt with the plan of checking out some new country. MY […]

Coming Full Circle M

Coming Full Circle M. 2024 Winter

It all started with the desire to hunt black bear, but I was looking for a little more adventure than sitting on stand on a baited hunt. I decided to attend the Dallas Safari Club show and see what options were available. This is where I met Fraser and Krista McDonald with Circle M Outfitters. […]

Never and easy goat

It was an icy morning sunrise. Frigid air was swirling through the airplane cabin as we left the float plane dock. The De Havilland Beaver might be reliable, but air-tight? Not so much. The heater, approximately five decades old, tried to keep up. The pungent fumes of oil and aviation gas stuck to the wisps […]

2017’s Last Hour Bear

Shoot that bear right there!” The statement was not made in Ray’s usual laid back, soft voice. There were valid reasons—it was the last day, we had an hour of hunting light left, and I still did not have a bear. The bear at the edge of the clearcut had seen us and had already […]

Kettle River Double Header

Kettle River Double Header. Fall 2023. Vol. 34 Issue 3

My first hunt with Kettle River Outfitters dates back three years to the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. A time when travel restrictions dictated that if I wanted to bag a bigger bull elk than the one that currently occupied space on my trophy room wall, it would have to be hunted close to home. […]

An Empty Quiver

Empty Quiver. Fall 2023 Issue. Vol. 34 Issue 3

I awoke at 4:15 a.m. It was Wednesday, the first day of a six-day hunt with Ambler’s Big Horn Country Guiding in Clinton, British Columbia. After coffee and breakfast, my husband, Scott, and I assembled our bows, attaching our quivers and adding broadheads to our arrows.  We had six tags between us, and we’d brought […]

Bucket List Bulls

I was icing my knee after a second knee replacement while reading a hunting magazine. An article described a horseback hunt, camping in wall tents, and going after Big Moose. “I am going to be 60 years old shortly,” I thought, “and this has always on my bucket list. I’m going to do this!” This trip […]

Into the Wild – Yukon Edition

Into the Wild - Yukon Edition Story - Fall 2023

In 2023 Widrig Outfitters sold to a new Outfitter and is now Iron North Outfitting. Snow-dotted, rugged mountains stretched into the distance on the flight from Whitehorse to base camp on the border of the Yukon and Northwest Territories. The float plane was loaded with four hunters and supplies. The weather was very warm, and […]

My Father’s Caliber

Coming from the eastern half of the continent, mountain caribou hunting was completely unfamiliar to me. That changed when I inherited my father’s classic 1960s rifle made expressly for Western-mountain hunting and chambered in the now obsolete 7 mm magnum Sharpe & Hart. Before his passing, my father was keenly interested in ballistics and target shooting. […]