Spring 2015 Issue


  • Not Your Average Joe by Mike Hawkridge (Moose Hunt with Big Country Outfitters)
  • My Dream was a Goat by Rick Buchanan (Mountain Goat Hunt with Beaverfoot Outfitting)
  • Bears & Incredible Adventures by Joan Fuhse (Grizzly Bear Hunt with Ram Creek Outfitters)
  • The Cook’s Caribou by Terry Gerber (Caribou Hunt with Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters)
  • Convention 2015 – Photo Gallery
  • Artist and Story of the Year Contest Winners
  • Conservation Matters™ with Shane Mahoney
  • From a Legal Perspective
  • Guides Gallery
  • Portrait of an Artist –  Modern Cave Painting by Laurel Barbieri
  • That Some May Follow
  • Camp Cook’s Corner – Moose Sukiyaki

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